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July 12, 1997:

The US Consulate in Guangzhou

Kristina did not have a good flight last night. It was a fairly long 50 minutes from Nanning to this more metropolitan city. Our two Holt reps met us at the airport and I asked one of them if the same traffic conditions were in play here as we had in Nanning (i.e. lots of motorbikes and bicycles and extremely flexible traffic laws). She said the conditions were more metropolitan here.

Kristina decided on the plane that the seat belt was an inappropriate device. Her desire was to sit on Dad's lap. In Nanning, she learned that anything her heart desired, she could get. We did not feel we could let her make the decision regarding her seat belt and the same resiliency and pure gutsyness that has made her a survivor against the odds, came into play on the plane. She wailed and screamed throughout the entire landing. Mom and I could do nothing but pat her and love her. Hopefully, others didn't think we were abusing our new babe.

Today we are at the White Swan in Guangzhou (Gwang Joe). It is here we deal with matters involving bringing a foreign adoptee into the US. Immunizations are required and bunches of red tape still remains to be plowed through. This morning we all solemnly walked over to the medical building where the babies would be examined and the appropriate shots given. It was not a happy time for the moms and dads because we know how fun it is to visit the doctor and get shots. The babies were fine (until we got there).

Here is Kristina's point of view in the following few paragraphs:

"First I had to be looked at by an Oriental man in a white coat with a cold round metal flat thing that he put in different areas of my chest. I wailed at that. Then he took off my shoes and used a tape measure to measure the length of my body. Bummer, man. I wailed.

"Then I had to go to another room where an Asian lady had the gaul to look in my ears and poke around in my mouth. What a trip! I wailed.

"I didn't know the real fun stuff was yet to come. Me and two other babies and all the nervous parents then had to go into yet another room and there this nurse person prepared two shots each for all of us babies. She also made me swallow something that I didn't really want to swallow. Pure and unadulterated wailing, man. That was what I did. Finally, I was taken in Dad's arms and the nurse hovered over me with those needles and syringes and, with traitor Dad's help, she gave me a shot in both arms. Unbelievable! I wailed like a banshee.

"The worst part, though, was looking over at Mom. I didn't see anyone giving her any shots but her eyes were red and tears were rolling down her cheeks. I'm so glad she held me then."

Our next scheduled meeting is Monday at 10:30 AM. It is now 11:45 AM. We have the rest of today and Sunday off. No meetings. We can do as we please. We'll enjoy the time off.

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