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July 14, 1997:

Kristina Passes Her Interview

We walked the short distance to the US Consulate's office and suddenly we were in this huge line with nearly 100 Asians of all ages. Linda looked at me and said this could be an all day wait. It was sad seeing all the people that had to wait in such a long line. Then one of the Holt Representatives motioned to us to come to a gate which had a sign over it that said, "US Citizen Services."

We were whisked down a hallway and directed into a holding area then up some inner stairs and we were in the adoption processing area. Kristina's got a set of pipes that really wail so it was necessary that one of us hold her and, above all, keep moving. She does not like to be bored and will complain.

Kristina actually sat still during the interview. The interview was just a formality. The Chinese government had already given their approval for Kristina to come home with us so certainly the US government would give theirs. Tomorrow at 3:00 PM, Kristina will get her papers stating it is okay for her to come into the US. Linda's dad called today and informed us that everyone is getting really excited and preparing for Kristina's arrival.

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