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July 2, 1997:

Forkless in Kowloon

Today we will arrive in Kowloon, a city adjacent to Hong Kong. We are still on the plane right now. They showed 3 movies.

Later: Time flew quickly because of those movies. They will show three movies as we come back as well. I'm curious as to how much we will be watching them since we'll have our children by then.

It got cloudy as we came into Hong Kong and with the clouds came turbulence. I didn't seem to have any nausea but Linda was feeling a little disturbed. I'm new at this Dad thing. Will I be able to change diapers and clean up vomit? I shall see.

The landing was perfect. We successfully navigated through baggage retrieval and customs and, with the use of some Chinese characters on a piece of paper we had, told a taxi driver where to take us.

Once we got to BP International and got checked in, we found Joanne and Lewis who are also adopting a baby from the Nanning area and had dinner with them. We pointed out that we'd like forks and the waiter would nod but he never did bring us some forks. This evening I asked a hotel employee how to say fork in Chinese. After some pantomiming, she said, "Oh, cha is what you say." So we'll try cha next time we need forks and see what happens.

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