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July 5, 1997:

China Dolls

The meeting with Les was exciting. He covered a lot of ideas that we hadn't even thought of. We met Pat and Jeri and went shopping with them plus had dinner. Linda and Jeri were ecstatic over their find of cute Chinese dolls for their daughters. Afterwards, we ate lunch at a new restaurant. Yes, I asked for "cha" and we received forks. I was in a restaurant so the word made sense. Everyone was impressed with my mastery of the word "cha" in the Chinese language.

This evening Linda and I went to the Temple Street Night Market and soaked in the atmosphere of street lights, loud music, and thousands of people all shopping. Most of the goods being sold were touristy stuff (i.e.: tee shirts, pirated CDs, jewelry, knick knacks and a few paddy-wacks). I took the video camera and shot a lot of the activity.

In a random order, here are thoughts and events of July 5, what could be the day before "Gotcha Day" :

I asked Les about time zones in China. Though China is as wide as the US, there is only one time zone. All China is Hong Kong time.

Here is a summary of the meeting with Les based on a tape I made of the session. I present it on this web site simply to whet your appetite with every detail regarding your forthcoming trip to get your child (if that is what you are doing). Do not be overwhelmed. Just enjoy the list. If you are going through Holt, there will be Holt representatives with you every step of the way to help you:

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