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Our Testimonies

Victor and Eva Zarley
We are Victor and Eva Zarley, servants of the Lord, our God. We love Jesus with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength. Because of that, we want to love our neighbors as ourselves. This is the highest calling and the commandments that Christ has asked us to keep. If we don't succeed in doing this much, there is little we can hope to do for the kingdom of God.

We long to see a greater number of the Body of Christ walk in devotion to the Lord and in love toward one another. We desire to see a Church that is unified, and single-minded, working together as one, to accomplish the final harvest of souls before the return of Christ. The Church is precious to our Lord. The Bride price was extreme. It cost Him every drop of his blood to purchase Her. It is time we wake up, grow up and become what He intended us to be.

Victor Zarley is a musician, singer/songwriter, author, and the webmaster for this site. He grew up in Southern California, was a paperboy in Beverly Hills and played at the Paradox Café, a legendary coffeehouse that helped launched the careers of many famous performers. When he was a child, his parents left the Nazarene church they attended, and took Victor on a long journey into New Age teachings, as they both entered into the ministry of Unity churches. You can read about these incredible experiences in his book, The Opening Window, which tells of the strange ways his parents searched for God. Despite metaphysical and other New Age doctrines, Victor was eventually led back into Christianity, by the Lord's grace and mercy. Victor and his wife of twenty years, Linda, began attending Benny Hinn healing services as a result of Linda's six year battle with breast cancer. Sadly, Linda never recovered, leaving Victor alone with their 6-year-old adopted daughter from China, Kristina. (Read the journal he kept of their trip to China to adopt Kristina here.) Victor spent this time of grief writing several deep Christian songs as he drew nearer to God. However, he was still in the clutches of the teachings of "A Course in Miracles" which his mother had introduced him to, years earlier.

Under pressure by his daughter to "find a new mommy," and spurred by loneliness, as well as the overwhelming task of rearing an active young child, Victor began to log onto a Christian singles website.

Eva Zarley had been widowed when her husband of nineteen years, Philip Logsdon, ended his six year battle with depression by committing suicide. Her son Nathan, then eighteen, would dispel his grief by spending his evenings out with friends, while Eva struggled with her sorrow alone at home. In desperation, Eva began logging on a Christian chat site, and was eventually led to a Christian singles website, where she met Vic. To her amazement, he had a beautiful, darling Chinese daughter. She felt this was a gift and a sign from God. Eva and her husband, Philip had suffered a failed Chinese adoption of a little girl, Yan Xu, years ago.

After a few months of nightly phone conversation, Victor decided to fly from his residence in Idaho, to Indiana, so that he and Kristina could meet Eva and Nathan. Prior to their coming, Eva had been at her desk at work, praying over this meeting. She feared that the meeting would either be a flop and her months of evening conversations would end in loneliness again, or else, she would fall in love with a man who would fly back to distant Idaho and she might never see Victor again. An inner voice spoke to her with a suggestion so ridiculous, Eva felt it could not have been from God . "You need to check to see what is needed for marriage in Indiana in case you decide to marry right away." Laughing it off as a moment of insanity, Eva dismissed the idea. She even looked skyward and laughed, "That surely can't be from You, Lord." That evening, Victor cautiously attempted to relate a strange thought he had while praying that day. He was impressed that he should inquire what was needed to marry in Indiana. After a tearful prayer together on the phone, Eva and Victor felt that God was "arranging" a marriage between them and they made plans to wed upon their meeting. Vic, however, got cold feet and decided to return to Idaho, after all. There, he found he kept continually losing his glasses and had in fact lost his best pair while in Indiana. He wondered if God was trying to tell him something about his inability to see. He asked God what He wanted him to do and God replied, "I already told you what I wanted you to do." Victor called Eva and asked if she was willing to still go through with the marriage. He sold his Idaho home and they married upon their second meeting.

Soon after their marriage, Eva discovered that Victor had many errors of understanding in his Christianity. Influenced by false doctrines of Unity and "A Course in Miracles," Victor was still very New Age in his thinking. He still believed in reincarnation and he did not believe there was a real place called hell and that people would go there. He had once built a website that distributed his mixed up version of Christianity. Much of it appeared sound, but there was a fictional book he had written called "Wizard of the Wires" that expounded upon his understanding from a New Age perspective. Had Eva been able to see it, she would have refused to marry Vic. However, she could never access that part of his website, although others could. God was keeping her from seeing something that would have scared her from doing His will.

When Victor's errant beliefs came to light, Eva pointed him to the Holy scriptures to show him the truth. When Victor at last realized the true doctrines of Christianity, according to the Word, he wept over the idea that souls really would be cast into a lake of fire. He had a deep love and compassion for them and was stricken with a strong desire to see everyone saved.

This was very convicting to Eva, who had been well-grounded in scripture, through the Baptist church, but because of things she had suffered, she had become cynical and distrustful of the human race in many ways. While she loved the obvious sinners, drunkards, drug addicts, the downtrodden and beaten, she struggled with caring whether mean and self-righteous people went to hell or not. Victor's genuine sorrow over the state of the meanest of the lost, caused Eva to see that she was lacking in the love, therefore her knowledge of scripture did her no good. Over the years, Victor has taught Eva how to love as Christ wants us to love and Eva has kept Victor on track in accordance with God's word by urging him to study scripture so that he could rightly divide the Word of God.

Since then, they have both learned that the Father knows what is best for his children. Victor and Eva found that they could easily write songs together and could even sing together. They began to go to nursing homes, assisted living centers, churches, prison, parks and even street corners and sing the gospel to anyone who would listen. This is what they believe is the call of the Church, to go out to the highways and byways, gather up the lost and hurting sheep, and compel them to come into the fold of the Good Shepherd, Jesus. Rather than get caught up in selfish and worldly concerns, or petty differences, they feel the Bride of Christ needs to be proclaiming liberty to the captives and bind the wounds of the broken, so that a great final harvest of souls can be gathered before the return of Christ. They believe the Church should have no other ambitions or priorities.

God helped them through the initial and inevitable issues that come when two people try to make a new life together. Considering the fact that both Victor and Eva were older and had been used to different spouses, hadn't really known each other all that well, and were bringing an eighteen year old and a six year old from previous marriages, the first year went better than it probably would have, had God not been behind the union. After six years, Victor and Eva are more convinced than ever, that theirs was a match ordained from the Throne, and that their marriage was God's perfect will for their lives.

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