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We HIGHLY recommend these books as they have been helpful to us. Although we do not sell anything on this site, we will recommend product that does require the expenditure of money--in this case, books. To help you, should you decide you want to purchase a copy of the book, I have linked the picture of the book to its corresponding page on Barnes and If not available there, I have linked it where it is available.
Why Culturally
The Miracle Ship by Brian O'Hare

The Miracle Ship

It is difficult reading about the pain John Gillespie endured for 12 years as he prayed consistently for God to answer his prayer for healing the ball and socket of his leg. However, because we come to understand the extent of his pain and the consistency of his faith through the 12 years, we are better able to appreciate the healing when it comes as well as the deeper purpose given to John by God. In other words it is almost as if we, too, are transformed along with John when his transformation takes place and he is able to be God's conduit for healing.

I am very appreciative of testimonial stories and this one ranks as the best one I've ever read (so far). As another reviewer stated, there is much to chew on. It is actually inspiring my wife and I toward a greater faith and assurance that God answers prayers as we consistently and fervently pray them. I am very grateful this author has told John's story. I am less than half way through and my spirit soars in anticipation of what I've yet to read.

I have been introduced to many great books which are available on Amazon's Kindle. This is one of them. Don't miss it!

Link to Jesus M.D. by David Stevens, M.D.
Jesus M.D.
Jesus, M.D. by David Stevens, M.D.

From the Barnes and Noble site, I quote: "Dr. David Stevens is executive director of the Christian Medical Association. As the former medical director for World Medical Missions, he personally led medical teams into war zones in Somalia, Sudan and Bosnia. The preceding eleven years he served as a medical missionary in Kenya." Eva and I were VERY impressed with this missionary story from an MD who was willing to step out on faith. His story was very inspiring and could have been depressing EXCEPT for the miracles that seemed to come at exactly the right time. At one point he could have chosen security and a cush job but he allowed God to work in his heart and he chose the path of stepping out on faith. This book is a hard one to lay down as the doctor relates his walk to the walk of Jesus Christ when He was on earth. Many medical terms and procedures are given fresh meanings in the light of Scripture. If you are not out in the mission field (or helping a missionary who is out on the mission field), then add this book to your list of books to read to inspire you to help. God has a job for you, too.

Living on the Devil's Doorstep by Floyd McClung
Link to Living on the Devil's Doorstep by Floyd McClung at Barnes and Nobles.
Living on the Devil's Doorstep

This is one of the exciting books in the International Adventure series which is about missionaries, their trials, their tribulations, the miracles that they have received through God, and their trust in God. Floyd's book is interesting on many levels. Often it didn't matter what he said that made the difference in bringing someone to the Lord, but it was who he was in Christ that moved people. The "intellectuals" who were driven from society by its hypocrisy are not easily brought into faith in God by mere words. They are brought in by truly caring for them--and loving them from where they are. Floyd moved his wife and their young children into the red light district of Amsterdam where they were better able to witness to the people in need. (It is always more effective to establish Christ's kingdom IN the devil's playground and deal with it on a first-person basis with God's help than it is to live outside the devil's playground and deal with people on a third-person basis. Walk with Floyd and his family as they travel around the world, living in the most deplorable conditions, reaching the lost with their love. This type of reading material deserves to be by the bedside of every caring Christian out there.

Link to Barnes and Nobles book, Soul Obsession by Nicky Cruz.
Soul Obsession
Soul Obsession by Nicky Cruz

Nicky Cruz became well-known when a young pastor, the late David Wilkerson, felt called to go to New York to help gangs. Nicky was the roughest, most ruthless gang member of all and when he came to the knowledge of Christ, a major transformation took place in his soul. Shortly after that, he and David Wilkerson began working together in New York to help bring others into an awareness of what Christ can do to lives. Over the years, Nicky has been instrumental in an amazing street ministry, going into the ghettos and other areas where the lost are (rather than hoping that the lost come to the buildings where the preachers are). Nicky is in his 70s now and his life will soon be celebrated in a motion picture that is being made of his first book, "Run, Baby, Run." You can follow the production of that picture here and receive news from them of its progress. This book, Soul Obsession, is one of his later books and in it, he shares his compassion for the Lord and his intense desire to see people come, as he did, to the Lord and rely on Him. This is a great book to read between the lines and to envision yourself on the mission field (as Nicky has been) doing the Lord's will. You, too, will be amazed at how faithful God is to bring people to Him through you at your willingness to be His vessel.

23 Minutes in Hell by Bill Wiese
Link to 23 Minutes in Hell by Bill Wiese at Barnes and Noble
23 Minutes in Hell

I, having come from a New Age background, used to feel somewhat smug about hell. I turned my nose up at it. Who, but all the ridiculously inane and backward people could believe in the existence of hell? And would our good God make such a place? Now, I no longer believe in the self-sufficiency of New Age religions and, therefore, cannot claim to know as much as I used to. I am fully dependent on Jesus and, as my knowledge goes, that is about it. After reading Wiese's book, it confirms for me, that hell is a real place and I want nothing to do with it. My desire to keep my eyes focused on Jesus is my fireproof garment. God used a professional real estate agent who had his head on straight, to show those who will listen that a simple decision to take Jesus as our Lord and Savior and trust Him with our lives can keep us from this awful place. Consider that, like me, you may claim to know a lot on this earth, but you really know very little. Knowing Christ, though, can make your life meaningful and keep you from the unbearable pain and fear that exists in hell. What a simple decision this is! No degree in rocket science is required. It is culturally transforming to read this book with an open mind. Vic

Link to The Calvary Road by Roy Hession at Barnes and Noble
The Calvary Road
The Calvary Road by Roy Hession

The Calvary Road is a culture transforming book to those who have eyes to see. This book is also available to download for free from the Gutenberg project (since the copyright has expired on it). Click here and choose the fourth one on the list of possible downloads. You will find this book uncomfortable because it pulls no punches with regard to the behavior we who follow Christ are required to have. One example is the term "bond servant" which Hession describes as one having no rights whatsoever. If we choose to follow Christ we will invariably have to come to realize to what extent we need to "turn the other cheek". Do not be a half committed Christian who sits in a pew a couple of times a week being fed truth in hopes that it will make a difference in your life. I'm not saying it doesn't happen, but it is very rare that lives are transformed and minds renewed in such a passive activity as "sitting still and listening to someone else." Practice Christianity 24/7 in the way Roy Hession describes in this book. You will be surprised at how hard it is to truly practice what you may claim you are, a Christian. You will not be disappointed, though, when you press in to God for the inevitable help you will need, and find Him smiling on you and encouraging you. Please, care enough to do this! This book is available as a free serialized podcast here. Vic

The Holy Bible
Link to The Holy Bible at Barnes and Noble
The Holy Bible

I am not trying to place these books in order of importance in this list. Most certainly the Holy Bible ranks number 1, if that were the case. It is the most culturally transforming book that we, as a society, have chosen to toss out of public education. Also, I am not advocating that the King James Version is best by my use of that cover in the picture. It just happened to be the most generic looking for my purposes. God's Word is valuable if a sincere effort has been made to translate it accurately. The NIV, New International Version, is popular today. So is the RSV, Revised Standard Version, and the New or Modern King James Version. I even like The Message (which is God's Word in modern vernacular). I'm also enjoying The Voice which just came out not too long ago. Where The Message tries to bring the Bible into our modern vernacular, The Voice tries to bring us into the biblical time periods so that we understand THAT time and framework better. Please click here for my brief effort to state the importance of God's Word, the Bible. Vic

Link to The Jesus Visions (online only)
The Jesus Visions
The Jesus Visions
(online only) by Christine Darg

Eva and I were thrilled to discover The Jesus Visions a few years ago. The Jesus Visions is a book that is only available online. Did you know that God is not sitting on His throne, wringing His hands in despair because people refuse to let Him in to their country? This book is filled with wonderful true stories of Muslim people being reached with the Gospel message by Jesus Himself through dreams and visions. We urge you to rent More than Dreams from Netflix and watch the story of 5 people from the middle eastern countries who were contacted by Jesus in dreams or visions and were converted to Christianity. The culturally transforming thought from this book is that our God is awesome and able to reach everyone ready to be reached. Our God knows our hearts and minds, in fact, our every thought and at the slightest nod from us that we are willing to open the door He stands knocking at, He will come in and make His Presence known. Don't miss the Jesus Visions by Christine Darg. Just click the picture and you will be taken to the free online book. Vic

Reimagining Church by Frank Viola
Link to Reimagining Church by Frank Viola at Barnes and Noble
Reimagining Church

This site is about the purification of the Bride of Christ in preparation of His imminent return. Eva's book, The Final Call to Repentance, was written before she had any awareness of this book--which covers much of the same material, all designed to aide in the healing of the church (which is not a building, but His people). Church is NOT about sitting and listening to someone tell you what God has told them. The author's previous book, Pagan Christianity, dealt with most of the traditions and ways in which the Christian faith is practiced, which, oddly, stem from, not the early church, but paganism itself. This book, however, is being emphasized on this site due to its practical approach to making church more applicable and spiritually fulfilling for all of us. It gets past our poor history and builds a solid foundation for creating an "organic" church that is alive with and in the Lord; one that is not bound by routine, but is open to the spontaneity of the Lord. This is culturally transforming! We pray that everyone find or create an organic church and experience the Christian faith deeply. Vic

All That Can Be Shaken
All That Can Be Shaken
by Essie Collins (Eva Zarley)

Before I met Eva, she went through a terrible ordeal that simply shouldn't have happened in a "Christian" nation. Though Eva had a few absolutely wonderful neighbors who stood up for her and her mentally ill husband, the majority of the neighbors chose not to consider Jesus' teachings and instead chose to destroy Eva and her (at the time) mentally ill husband, Philip. This book, written using a pseudonym, is the heart wrenching story of the devestating battle Eva went through with her husband's bi-polar disorder and with the confrontation with the neighbors, medical profession, and counselors. It all led to his suicide, but God did not allow the story to end on such a low note. The reason we have included this in with recommended books is to help remind us that there may be stories like this being lived in your neighborhood. As a Christian, is there something God would have you do to help them? There are many people calling out for help today. Remember the little boy in the story who, when confronted with hundreds of starfish dying on a beach, picked up one and threw it back in the ocean. What did he say when someone said, "What difference will it make?" "It made a difference to that one!" was his reply. Is there anyone you can lead to Christ today so that they may have His grace and mercy? We may be overwhelmed with the idea of trying to help so many hurting people. Will you be able to say, "I made a difference to that one" so that the culture can be transformed? This book is no longer under contract with Publish America and we expect to shortly make it available both online and as a downloadable PDF file. Please write to us and we will email you a copy of this book if this book is not available in our "online books" section. In addition, this book was read by the author as a free serialized audio book here. Vic

The Traveler
by Victor and Eva Zarley
The Traveler is availabe as both an online book and downloadable PDF file on this page.
The Traveler

The Traveler is a book written by us. It is a fictional account of a man's encounter with a mystical Christian mentor whom he met on the Internet. This mentor interacts with the protagonist frequently, always listening and responding with applicable and meaningful biblically based illustrations on the computer. It is culturally transforming if each of us takes the Bible stories and thinks deeply about their meaning in our lives. This book is NOW available both online and as a downloadable PDF file in our Online Books section. It is also available as a free serialized podcast here.

Link to Prison to Praise by Merlin Carothers at Barnes and Noble
Prison to Praise
Prison to Praise by Merlin Carothers

Eva and I have a special fondness for Merlin Carothers' praise ministry because in the early days of our marriage, I bought a book of his and we read it together, weeping at the truth that was so eloquently stated. God is found in praise. If we praise Him for both the good AND the bad, we place ourselves in a position to receive miracles because with praise comes trust and faith. The Word says God is found in praise. This book is Merlin's stirring and inspiring autobiography. Praise God! Vic.

Expecting Miracles by Heidi and Rolland Baker
Link to Expecting Miracles at Barnes and Noble.
Expecting Miracles

Heidi and Rolland Baker have tapped into the wonderful, omniscient loving power of God. Why do I say that? They went to a place that man would say God dwells not--and proved otherwise. By their faith they have moved mountains, and proved God to be almighty and quite capable of solving any problems we might be going through. This book, Expecting Miracles, gives us example after example of God coming through for them and their "kids." Our culture WILL change if we can grasp the truth so many routinely deny: That God is bigger than any of our problems!

Link to Always Enough at Barnes and Noble.
Always Enough
Always Enough by Heidi and Rolland Baker

More from Heidi and Rolland Baker, who spent some time in Hong Kong with another perseverant saint, Jackie Pullinger of Chasing the Dragon. This, however, is the story of their unselfish desire to do God's will in a war-torn and impoverished country in Africa, Mozambique. Do see Mama Heidi, if you have the chance to rent it from Netflix. The link will take you to this transforming movie in this site. From there a link will take you to the movie at Netflix.

Chasing the Dragon by Jackie Pullinger
Link to Chasing the Dragon at Barnes and Noble.
Chasing the Dragon

This book is riveting. Every page rocks you with the truth--that the church, the Bride, must awaken to the truth that will set the world free. We must understand that when Jesus said, "If you try to save your life, you'll lose it but if you'll lose your life for My sake, you will find eternal life." Jackie gave her life for the poor, the addicts, those living in deplorable conditions even when there appeared to be no pay back for her. She was not sponsored by any missionary or "Big Church" organization but, when God told her to go, she went--and He sponsored her. The fruit of her perseverance as she ministered the Gospels by showing the poor what Jesus was like, even as she had to endure the most stomach-turning smells and sights and sounds, was success beyond measure and miracle after miracle. If WE give our lives to the Lord, what will He do with them? An hour documentary on the life and ministry of Jackie Pullinger called The Law of Love is available on this site. Find out more about it by clicking here.

Link to Crack in the Wall at Barnes and Noble
Crack in the Wall
Crack in the Wall by Jackie Pullinger

Another book sharing the incredible story of Jackie Pullinger and her step of faith into one of the most dangerous places on the earth--the walled city in Kowloon, China. This book is a sequel to Jackie's book, Chasing the Dragon and ties up loose ends of people we were introduced to in her previous book. The faith demonstrated in these two books is what God expects each of us to have. Right now, has more copies of this book, and at a more reasonable price, than Barnes and Noble.

Living Water by Brother Yun
Link to Living Water by Brother Yun
Living Water

Brother Yun is a Chinese Home Church leader who has gone through more horrific persecution for his faith in Jesus Christ than anyone I know of. When he speaks (or writes), people open up their ears and listen. Brother Yun shares amazing wisdom, backed by scripture, and every chapter has something convicting and important to say. In that the western church is weak, we need to hear, really hear, what Yun is telling us. It is 298 pages filled with solid teaching and personal and biblical anectdotes to back the teaching. The west needs to awaken to the truth, a truth not just to be quoted from God's Word, but to be lived and expressed so that others may know of God's reality and majesty. Don't miss this book, which is a transforming one. And while you are at it, you may want to order The Heavenly Man which will give you Brother Yun's unbelievable (yet true) story of his particular Christian walk and what he had to go through to be able to walk it. The miracles of God are packed into The Heavenly Man and you will be on your knees, weeping before the Lord that you would have such a close relationship with God by the time you finish it.

Link to Visions Beyond the Veil
Visions Beyond the Veil
Visions Beyond the Veil
by H. A. Baker
Rolland Baker (Mama Heidi Baker's husband) had a grandfather who had a missionary experience in China. This book chronicles the supernatural visions of the Chinese orphans at the Adullam Rescue Mission that was founded by H. A. Baker and his wife.
The Kingdom of God Is Within You by Leo Tolstoy
Link to The Kingdom of God Is Within You
The Kingdom of God Is Within You

This book by Tolstoy is what inspired Ghandi to develop and exercise his non-violent method of protest. But Tolstoy, who was a radical Christian, merely wrote a book espousing the Savior's teachings and applying them to social and religious platforms. This book is truly worth a look. I found it at Gutenberg while perusing for free ebooks. I saw that it was banned by the Russian government, but it took on a life of its own and today, to my surprise, there are many editions and translations of this book at Barnes and Noble for sale. (Don't tell anyone, but they can download it for free from Gutenberg. Just click this link). Jesus clearly wants us to follow His teachings or He wouldn't have said, "If you love me, follow my commands," in the book of John. See what the author of War and Peace and Anna Karenina has to say about the use of non-violence in our society. This book is available as a free serialized audio book here.

Link to Like a Mighty Wind
Like a Mighty Wind
Like a Mighty Wind by Mel Tari

This book was recommended by Rolland Baker in one of he and Heidi's books so I had to order it. I'm glad I did. Though my reading queue is a little backed up right now, I can't help but occasionally taking a peak within. I LOVE it when author's tell their stories of God's mighty miracles in their lives (as well as sharing how much they love the Lord).

Darwin's Proof by Cornelius G. Hunter
Link to Darwin's Proof at Barnes and Noble
Darwin's Proof - The Triumph of Religion OVER Science

Cornelius is both a scientist and a Christian and, as such, is able to see more clearly the flaws and holes in Darwin's theory of evolution. It helps to have seen some of the animation that has been created which illustrates the amazing workings of a single celled creature. When Hunter shares exactly what is going on with each of the "mechanisms" running in the cell, you can almost see them in your mind. It is next to impossible to fathom how, by natural methods, and by just random chance, any of the workings of the cell could have chanced to come together to function as they do. The Christian who reads this book, and his other books as well, will more than likely come to see more clearly the pitfalls of evolution. This man knows the jargon and is not intimidated by the large words of the evolutionists that say nothing.

Link to The Street Children of Brazil by Sarah de Carvalho at Barnes and Noble.
The Street Children of Brazil
The Street Children of Brazil by Sarah de Carvalho

A wonderful missionary story for those of you who are hoping God will use you in a mighty way. Be encouraged. This lady, Sarah de Carvalho, was on the fast track in the media for the first part of her working life, working on film promotion and TV production which took her to exotic spots throughout the world. Then what she deemed important began to change and she heard God calling her to Brazil to work with the street children. Does your heart respond to people's pain? Do you not want to be a part of the solution, which is Christ? Read slowly and contemplatively as you reconsider what is important.

Totally Surrounded by Christina Di Stefano Davis
Link to Totally Surrounded by Christina Di Stefano Davis at Barnes and Noble
Totally Surrounded

Christina's story of hearing and following through on a calling from God to go to the Philippines even at such a young age (barely out of high school) is phenomenal. She was scheduled to only go for two weeks but it turned into six years. The authorities who were to watch out for her safety did not know that she had asked the Lord to help her reach those who had never heard of the Gospel. This book is worth reading for encouragement for those calling on God to show them their own mission. One can also be encouraged by the miracles that God gave Christina over the six years she was in service for Him. We are not called to be permanently under a pastor, warming a pew every week. We will be called by God for special service under His authority as we make the full committment to Him being willing even to give our lives for Him. Do you love the Lord that much?

Link to Against All Odds by Jim Stier at Barnes and Noble
Against All Odds
Against All Odds by Jim Stier

Jim Stier had a disappointing childhood. There was much suffering, both the emotional and physical kind. Despite his imperfect life, God called him to Brazil. As I stepped back from the storyline, I find a wonderful pattern. In Brazil, Jim and his wife were not establishing churches, per se, where people came to warm pews and preachers came to minister the Word of God. No, Jim and his group established mission centers and trained people for service in and around South America. This is a story that will encourage people to consider the importance of listening to God and finding a calling. Do not be afraid of this. If you are not in the service of our most high God, you are not experiencing life to the fullest. If you have not heard God's Voice and have not experienced any miracles, perhaps you are relying a little too much on your own rational voice. Perhaps it is time for a change.

90 Minutes in Heaven by Don Piper
Link to 90 Minutes in Heaven by Don Piper at Barnes and Noble
90 Minutes in Heaven

Don Piper's story has, in my opinion, been molded by God to reach us, whose perceptions are stuck in the "reality" of only this world. This man truly visited heaven for 90 minutes after having been killed instantly in a car crash. This was confirmed by 4 sets of paramedics throughout the 90 minutes. This true story, however, though it confirms the existence of heaven, is primarily about Don's life after the accident in which he had to endure the amazingly long and painful process of his body's healing and rehabilitation. God is trying to get through to us, here on this illusory, temporal plane, that with Jesus we are freed from hell (which is real, also. See 23 Minutes in Hell at the top of this column). What more does it take for us to see? With proof such as this man's dramatic return to life and his unbelievable encounter with heaven, we STILL have trouble "seeing." We are an obstinate, hard-headed bunch, aren't we? What does an atheist do with the facts of this case? Where are they filed in his or her mind? Perhaps there is a file entitled, "unexplainable" that includes such things as this. Nevertheless, the truth is there for all to see in this book. It is not a book that is easy to read because after Don returned to earth, miraculously made alive again, he had to deal with years of pain and discouragement with his physical body and the question he asked many times, "Why don't you send me back to heaven?" The honesty of this book will, hopefully, reach even the most cynical. Please put this book on your reading list.

Link to God's Outrageous Claims by Lee Strobel at Barnes and Nobel
God's Outrageous Claims
God's Outrageous Claims by Lee Strobel

Lee Strobel is a very talented writer/apologist for the Christian faith. He was an atheist for most of his life but, with his newspaper reporting skills, began investigating the Christian faith and found no holes in its logic. I have seen Lee on television promoting his books and, though I do not know all the circumstances surrounding his promotional activities, or his book sales, I do want to address self-promotion here. Christians do not need to self-promote. They need to trust God and let Him be in charge of getting the word out on what He is doing through you. That said, Lee's book, God's Outrageous Claims, is a winner. It addresses (very eloquently, by the way) the claims the Bible makes and how they are fulfilled when we have faith. This short review cannot begin to cover all of the solid teaching and marvelous illustrations in the book. I got my book from the library. Maybe yours has it, too.

Me, Myself, & Bob
(A True Story About Dreams, God, and Talking Vegetables)
by Phil Vischer
(The creator of VeggieTales)
Link to Me, Myself and Bob at Barnes and Noble
Me, Myself, and Bob

Phil Vischer has opened his heart for all of us, telling in wonderful detail all the ups and downs of creating and producing the marvelous VeggieTales. The culture changing aspect of this book is how real God was for Phil as God revealed to him why he had to go through a bankruptcy, when he felt sure God had called him to be a Christian Disney (with a theme park, creative movies, TV shows, etc). By the end of the book you will understand how much God loves Phil and, hopefully, this will transfer to an understanding that God loves you.

Link to Happy Trails by Roy Rogers and Dale Evans at
Happy Trails
Happy Trails by Roy Rogers and Dale Evans

Why can't the current participants in our culture take off their blinders and see how much we, today, need faith in Jesus Christ, faith in the Bible, as Roy Rogers and Dale Evans did in the 40s and 50s and on? This autobiography takes us to an era when submission to the Lord and belief in the authority of the Bible was just beginning to die. When I first read this book, I had no idea how popular these two were and how much they cared for their fans by truly living the faith-filled life they promoted in their personal appearances. Journey back with them by reading this but continually lift up your eyes from this book and look out your window to the state of the culture today. Has it really been a good idea to forsake the Gospel, to forsake its authority, to forsake the King, Jesus? Is our world a better place because we have taken the reigns ourselves and determined we know better how our lives should be lived?

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